I started training with Julie over 12 months ago with the objective of getting fit again and losing weight. The outcome of this training is that I have never felt better, I have toned up, lost weight and improved my fitness substantially. I recently turned fifty and my latest health check up results once again are excellent, my doctor agrees that this is predominantly due to the personal training I have been doing with Julie. I was very fit when young and was a full time Tae kwon do instructor for ten years in my twenty’s. I never believed I would ever become overweight and unfit or use a personal trainer. I was initially very skeptical of a lot of personal trainers that I looked at when first investigating. I have completely changed my mind since trying out personal training with Julie and found that with a very busy work schedule and as well as getting older that this training is imperative to ongoing good health and wellbeing. Julie is a true professional and has a sincere passion for getting the best results for her clients. I highly recommend Julie as a personal trainer.



Chief Executive Officer

Norco Co-Operative Limited


In January, 2011, I started a 12 week challenge with Julie. I needed to get motivated fast and had a goal of 10 kilograms to lose over that period. Well, I certainly achieved my goal and have stayed with Julie since then. I have also maintained that goal weight. The training was never, and still isn’t, boring, as we do different exercises nearly every week. Julie is a pleasure to have as a trainer as she is always confident, patient and happy in her work. I followed the 12week plan that Julie set and the results that I got proved, to me, that I was being trained by a professional who knew their business.


54 years old

Aged- care worker


I started with In 2 U Personal Training over 2 years ago to try and put some lean muscle and size, as previously I had found it difficult to put weight on. Since then I have filled out and put on over 10kg of muscle and I couldn’t be happier. I have learnt how to train myself  and eat right as well, and even found I enjoy the training so much that I still train with Julie twice a week. I would strongly recommend her and In 2 U PT to anyone looking to change their shape and size, and feel healthier inside and out.


38 years old

Manager ‘Tip Top’


Over 8 months ago I was 15kg heavier, eating and drinking poorly and feeling depressed about life and my body’s state. I didn’t even want to look in the mirror, it was that bad. So after a friend of mine recommended Julie to me I thought I better give it a go, actually thinking there was no way I was going to stick with it. And to my amazement I’m still training and enjoying it. Julie has worked with me every step of the way, and has really helped me find myself again. I honestly didn’t think I could feel this good again and so soon. Julie has really helped me during a hard time in my life, and I have found her to be an excellent personal trainer and now a good friend.


35 years old



Julie and I started to work together over 9months ago; my goal was to be fitter, stronger and healthier

My fitness level, stamina and strength have   grown. Julie’s style of personal training is relaxing, confident but mostly inspiring.

Julie is incredibly passionate about us as individuals and goes out of her way to accommodate all our needs. Every training session is always different and interesting, the results are incredible.

 Julie is as always professional and enthusiastic, her dream is our dream.


Assistant in Nursing